Outdoor Entertaining

Weather permitting, outdoor entertaining is an obvious must!  Many memories are made when friends or family get together outdoors around a crackling fire.  The scents of BBQ on the grill, fresh cut grass, and the balmy summer air are instant reminders of why entertaining outdoors, for a time, is high living.

There are several clever ways to create the ultimate alfresco experience.  Many do-it-yourself projects ranging from inexpensive to investment level are readily available on the internet; and most have video tutorials.

At the top of the list would be lighting.  Create ambience with plentiful low lighting.  Putting lights in unique places creates an atmosphere of mystery and fun.  There are many lighting ideas that are surprising and yet so simple.  Check out our board Outdoor Lighting on Pinterest for pictures of these ideas.

The next outdoor fundamental would be seating.  Type of get together and type of guest will play a role in seating choice.  Comfort usually plays a role here but if the get together is more for musicians around a campfire then stumps or logs might be preferred over comfy lounge chairs.  With either choice, be sure to have enough seating for all guests; plus more for any unexpected arrivals.  Check out our board Outdoor Seating on Pinterest for picture ideas in this category.

Finally, no one can predict weather; just watch the weatherman on the local news channel!  While everyone may be able to run indoors during a cloudburst, what happens to the food and table setting?  Having ample coverage is usually only needed to protect the festival of eats, but remember that mosquitos love the outdoors as well.  Netting on canopies or hanging from a prodigious tree will be appreciated by the visitors.  Need Outdoor Covering ideas?

Planning a beautiful backyard extravaganza is simple and easy.  Make outdoor entertaining memorable by incorporating any of these ideas with delicious food, frosty beverages, and close friends.

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