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Easy Updates for the Home


Unfortunately not all homes on the market will be outfitted with the latest or newest amenities but today’s low-cost solutions make updating a breeze!  From small weekend projects, to quick updates, the following are a few hand-picked ideas that concentrate on three areas of the home; floors, walls, cabinets.

Floors.  (Get inspiration from our Pinterest board by clicking here.)  The options are endless when it comes to choosing a flooring style.  There are incredible solutions using plywood, contractor paper, concrete, and vinyl in different and inventive ways.

Walls.  (Get inspiration from our Pinterest board by clicking here.)  These ideas are so simple even those who claim not to have a creative bone can accomplish them.  Move the furniture aside!  A gallon or two of paint and some ingenuity will make a snap out of these quickie projects.

Cabinets.  (Get inspiration from our Pinterest board by clicking here.)  The wallpaper bead board is completely the best idea ever!  Just a quick weekend project will turn any kitchen into a classic, modern, or contemporary dream!

Deliberately placed lighting, warm cozy fabrics, and window treatments will help make any home reflect the family core.  Keep these carefully chosen projects in mind when looking at potential homes or when updating your own home. You, are in charge of how your home looks and feels.

Try your newly acquired ideas by visiting our Facebook page and imagining what you could change in the homes we have posted there.  Tell us about your ideas or show us your personal finished projects in the comment sections and don’t forget the pictures!


Outdoor Entertaining

Weather permitting, outdoor entertaining is an obvious must!  Many memories are made when friends or family get together outdoors around a crackling fire.  The scents of BBQ on the grill, fresh cut grass, and the balmy summer air are instant reminders of why entertaining outdoors, for a time, is high living.

There are several clever ways to create the ultimate alfresco experience.  Many do-it-yourself projects ranging from inexpensive to investment level are readily available on the internet; and most have video tutorials.

At the top of the list would be lighting.  Create ambience with plentiful low lighting.  Putting lights in unique places creates an atmosphere of mystery and fun.  There are many lighting ideas that are surprising and yet so simple.  Check out our board Outdoor Lighting on Pinterest for pictures of these ideas.

The next outdoor fundamental would be seating.  Type of get together and type of guest will play a role in seating choice.  Comfort usually plays a role here but if the get together is more for musicians around a campfire then stumps or logs might be preferred over comfy lounge chairs.  With either choice, be sure to have enough seating for all guests; plus more for any unexpected arrivals.  Check out our board Outdoor Seating on Pinterest for picture ideas in this category.

Finally, no one can predict weather; just watch the weatherman on the local news channel!  While everyone may be able to run indoors during a cloudburst, what happens to the food and table setting?  Having ample coverage is usually only needed to protect the festival of eats, but remember that mosquitos love the outdoors as well.  Netting on canopies or hanging from a prodigious tree will be appreciated by the visitors.  Need Outdoor Covering ideas?

Planning a beautiful backyard extravaganza is simple and easy.  Make outdoor entertaining memorable by incorporating any of these ideas with delicious food, frosty beverages, and close friends.

  We want to see YOUR outdoor entertaining!  Post your pictures of  outdoor entertaining on our Facebook page.

10 Ways To Springify Your Home

10 Ways To Springify Your Home

Written by Jaymi Naciri on Sunday, 08 March 2015 9:16 am

It’s time to spring forward, and you know what that means: spring cleaning. Boo. Actually, there’s a whole bunch of things we want to do to our home, and with an extra hour of daylight, we may just have the energy to tackle a few. Here’s what we’ll be springing into starting this weekend.

1. Sell! Sell! Sell!

Two words: garage sale. Does it stink to have to get up at 6am to greet the early birds? Yes. Will you be oh-so-happy when your old, useless, space-stealing stuff is gone and you’ve got Starbucks money for a month in your pocket? Oh yes.

2. Make someone’s day

Set aside some of the more useful items that didn’t sell: jackets, shoes, blankets, and towels to help a homeless person get through the rest of the cold season.

3. Donate the rest

Take anything that didn’t sell at your garage sale to a local charity. Not only will you be helping those in need, but your donation is also tax deductible.

4. Clean it out

Large items that can’t be sold or donated tend to sit in the garage or an extra room for years, eliciting grimaces every time you walk by. Check with your city services to see if they offer large item pickup. Many cities do this annually, while others offer this free service once a month.

5. Scruba-dub

Now’s the time to tackle those projects you only get to every once in awhile. Cleaning out your gutters. And your dryer vent. And under your bed. While you’re at it, pull furniture away from the walls and vacuum behind there as well. If you have windows you never open or that are blocked by furniture, now is also a good time to clean those. You’ll feel good about your accomplishment, and your post-dust-bunny breathing will thank you.

6. Get organized

If your junk drawer now numbers three and your closets are bulging with stuff you never got around to folding or sorting through, there’s no time like the spring to get it outta there and make it pretty.

7. Give an old favorite new life

Everyone has an old sideboard that was willed to them or a set of chairs they picked up at a garage sale when they couldn’t afford to buy new. Just because you’re in a better financial situation now doesn’t mean it’s time to chuck them. It’s amazing what a little sandpaper, paint, fabric, and a staple gun can accomplish. You might just create a standout piece that you can pass on to the next generation.

8. Curb your enthusiasm

Has the hard winter affected your curb appeal? Once the ice breaks, it’s time to get out and pretty up your yard. It’s amazing how raked leaves, a new doormat, and a touch of color in your flowerpots can easily transform the front of your house.

9. Update your look

Still sporting the beige everywhere? It’s time to get with the gray. Find your perfect shade here.

10. Let the sun shine in

Yes, it’s still cold outside. But for many of us it’s been a particularly nasty season. If you’re the type that decorates by season, give the weather the cold shoulder be switching out your winter décor early.