Easy Updates for the Home


Unfortunately not all homes on the market will be outfitted with the latest or newest amenities but today’s low-cost solutions make updating a breeze!  From small weekend projects, to quick updates, the following are a few hand-picked ideas that concentrate on three areas of the home; floors, walls, cabinets.

Floors.  (Get inspiration from our Pinterest board by clicking here.)  The options are endless when it comes to choosing a flooring style.  There are incredible solutions using plywood, contractor paper, concrete, and vinyl in different and inventive ways.

Walls.  (Get inspiration from our Pinterest board by clicking here.)  These ideas are so simple even those who claim not to have a creative bone can accomplish them.  Move the furniture aside!  A gallon or two of paint and some ingenuity will make a snap out of these quickie projects.

Cabinets.  (Get inspiration from our Pinterest board by clicking here.)  The wallpaper bead board is completely the best idea ever!  Just a quick weekend project will turn any kitchen into a classic, modern, or contemporary dream!

Deliberately placed lighting, warm cozy fabrics, and window treatments will help make any home reflect the family core.  Keep these carefully chosen projects in mind when looking at potential homes or when updating your own home. You, are in charge of how your home looks and feels.

Try your newly acquired ideas by visiting our Facebook page and imagining what you could change in the homes we have posted there.  Tell us about your ideas or show us your personal finished projects in the comment sections and don’t forget the pictures!